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What Percentage Does Airbnb Take?

When listing a property on Airbnb, understanding the platform’s fee structure is crucial for managing your earnings and pricing strategy. Airbnb charges hosts and guests various service fees, which can significantly impact the final payout. Here’s a detailed look at what percentage Airbnb takes.

Guest Entering Dates For Airbnb
Guest Entering Dates For Check-In

Host Fees

Airbnb offers two main types of fee structures for hosts: the split-fee model and the host-only fee model.

Split-Fee Model

In the split-fee model, there is a host and guest fee. They are as follows:

Host Fee

Typically, hosts pay a flat fee of 3% of the booking subtotal. The booking subtotal includes the nightly rate plus any additional charges like cleaning fees but excludes Airbnb service fees and taxes.

Guest Fee

Guests are charged a service fee that usually averages around 14% of the booking subtotal. This percentage can vary based on factors like the booking length and location​ (Airbnb)​​ (Lodgify).

Host-Only Fee Model

Under this model, the entire service fee is borne by the host, typically ranging from 14% to 16% of the booking subtotal. This model is mandatory for software-connected hosts and traditional hospitality listings like hotels and serviced apartments​ (Lodgify)​​ (Landlord Studio).

Additional Fees and Considerations

Cleaning Fees

While hosts can charge guests for cleaning, this fee is included in the booking subtotal, impacting the overall service fee percentage​ (Landlord Studio).

Currency Conversion Fees

Starting in 2024, an extra guest fee of up to 2% is applied for bookings made in a different currency than the host’s chosen one, which affects international bookings​ (Lodgify).


In certain countries, Airbnb is required to apply VAT to its service fees, which hosts must account for when calculating their net earnings​ (BNB Calc). This obviously doesn't apply in the United States.


For a clearer understanding, consider these scenarios with a $500 per night rate for a 3-night stay and a $100 cleaning fee:


Booking Details

$500 per night for 3 nights, plus a $100 cleaning fee.

Total Booking Amount

3×500+100=1500+100= $1600

Host Fee

1600×0.03= $48

Net Earnings for Host

1600−48= $1552

Guest Fee

Assuming an average guest fee of 14%, 1600 × 0.14= $224

Total Cost to Guest

1600+224= $1824

Host-Only Fee Example

Booking Details

$500 per night for 3 nights, plus a $100 cleaning fee.

Total Booking Amount

3×500+100=1500+100= $1600

Host Fee

Assuming a 15% host-only fee, 1600 × 0.15= $240

Net Earnings for Host

1600−240= $1360

Total Cost to Guest

1600 + 240 = $1840

Optimizing Earnings

To mitigate the impact of Airbnb's fees, hosts can employ several strategies:

Dynamic Pricing

Adjust rates based on demand, seasonality, and local events to maximize occupancy and revenue.

Length-of-Stay Discounts

Offering discounts for longer stays can increase overall occupancy and reduce turnover costs.

Value-Added Services

Providing additional services like airport pickups or guided tours can justify higher rates and enhance the guest experience.

Understanding these fees and adjusting your pricing strategy accordingly can help you maintain profitability and attract more bookings on Airbnb. For more detailed information and tools to calculate your potential earnings, you can visit Airbnb’s Resource Center.

Be Well Aware Of These Factors Too:

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