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Hey there! We're Air Hostd, a bunch of Rhode Island real estate enthusiasts who stumbled upon home sharing back in 2015, and we haven't looked back since. Fast forward to today, and we've become the go-to folks for Airbnb management in the area. We've hostd tens of thousands of guests from all corners of the globe and helped hundreds of owners realize their short-term rental goals.

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Does Airbnb Provide Property Management Services?

Airbnb itself does not directly offer property management services. However, it has developed tools and partnerships to support hosts who need assistance with managing their properties.

If you want to know which one is more suitable; Airbnb or VRBO, head over to Airbnb vs VRBO: An In-depth Analysis for Short-Term Rentals

Airbnb Co-Host Program

Airbnb offers a Co-Host program where experienced hosts, known as Co-Hosts, can assist other hosts with various management tasks. Co-Hosts can help with creating listings, taking photos, getting the property ready, cleaning, maintaining the property, communicating with guests, and managing check-ins and check-outs Airbnb. This program allows hosts to find local, experienced individuals to manage their properties, effectively outsourcing the day-to-day operations while still maintaining control over their listings.

A girls shifting her valuables to her newly rented place
A girls shifting her valuables to her newly rented place

Property Management Companies

In addition to the Co-Host program, there are third-party property management companies that specialize in managing Airbnb properties. These companies offer comprehensive services including guest communication, booking management, cleaning, maintenance, and even dynamic pricing strategies to maximize occupancy and revenue. These services can be especially beneficial for hosts who own multiple properties or do not live near their rental property. If you are interested in our short term rental management you can see if you qualify here.

It's crucial to mention that Rhode Island requires statewide registration for short-term rental rentals. If you want to know more about this, the Rhode Island short-term rental permitting guide has all the information regarding this.

Benefits and Costs

Using a property management service or a Co-Host can provide numerous benefits such as professional guest management, increased booking rates, and peace of mind knowing that the property is well-maintained. However, these services come at a cost.

Partial service management can cost anywhere from 5-15% of the property revenue depending on how many services are excluded by the management company.

Full-service Property management fees typically range from 20% to 30% of the rental income for commission-based models.

It's better to always check the customer reviews before making any payment. You can check our check examples of our customer's success here.

For a full breakdown of how much an Airbnb management company costs you can find our comprehensive post on the topic of how much does Airbnb manager costs.

However, before renting or hosting in your state it's better to be aware of the rules. To get familiar with the Rhode Island rules and regulations surroudning short term rentals you can read this blog, Navigating Short-Term Rental Laws in Rhode Island: A Comprehensive Guide for Hosts and Guests.

In summary, while Airbnb does not offer direct property management services, it provides support through its Co-Host program and collaborates with property management companies to help hosts manage their listings efficiently. For hosts looking for hands-on management support, these options can be a valuable resource.

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