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Say hello to effortless Airbnb management.

End-to-end hosting services tailored just for you.

We'll take care of everything for you with a simple and proven airbnb management system designed for people that don't have the time to host. Satisfied guests are our top priority. 

Over 25,000 guests hostd since June 2016! 

We are owned and operated by licensed real estate professionals that are airbnb superhosts.

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Airhostd - Airbnb management and Airbnb rentals in Rhode Island.

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24/7 world class guest services

5-star standards of service

Guided guest arrivals & departures

Fast & professional communication

Strict vetting that attracts quality guests

Personalized automated messages that keep your guests fully informed

Replenishment of linens, toiletries as needed

Professional cleaning of your home after each guest 

Verification of your property’s overall condition

Hotel-quality bedding, bath linen sets, toiletries and coffee

Immediate response to any unexpected situation

Property damage protection  (learn more)

It doesn't stop there... air hostd maximizes your property's value

Optimized listings

Fastest response time

More 5-star reviews

We maximize your occupancy rate and regularly modify prices according to the season and local events.

We immediately reply to all guest requests to ensure you won’t miss out on any potential reservations or guest needs.

Your guests will be amazed by the quality of your home, our 24/7 support, and all our other great services.


How it works in 3 easy steps

1. Meet our experts

During an initial meeting we will get to know your property and give you a precise revenue estimation. We’ll discuss your schedule, special needs and any other things that are important to make sure your vacation rental runs smoothly.

2. Listing setup

We will send our professional photographer to capture the best that your home has to offer. We’ll come up with a catchy name, compelling description, and make sure your listing is designed to capture a would-be guest’s imagination.

3. Welcome 1st guest

After we’ve equipped your apartment with hotel-quality linen, premium toiletries, and finished our last clean-up, it’s time to welcome your first guests! You sit back and relax, while we do everything from guest communications, to check-in, to cleaning after your guests.

Mobile dashboard

Keep up-to-date anytime, anywhere.

Track your performance
Track your performance

Stay up to date on your nights booked, earnings paid out and guest reviews

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All in one message center
All in one message center

Easily locate all messages between guests and airbnb and view reservation details

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Full control of your listing
Full control of your listing

Easily modify listing details and photos with a few clicks

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Track your performance
Track your performance

Stay up to date on your nights booked, earnings paid out and guest reviews

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air hostd's  share of the revenue generated

We have a clear and competitive pricing policy


You’ll get 80% of the revenue generated. The cleaning fee is paid for by the guest. You do not pay commission on cleaning fees collected.

No upfront payments
and no hidden fees.
Simply no strings attached.

Prefer a guaranteed payout?

We also offer flat rate options for landlords who are more comfortable getting a guaranteed payout amount. The payout will vary based on the particular listings. Contact us to get your specialized quote.

What you get by choosing air hostd

  • Creation of your listing on Airbnb

  • 24/7 assistance for you and your guests

  • Physical welcoming of guests

  • Regular price adjustments to optimize profits

  • High-quality  professional cleaning services

  • A mobile app that lets you manage availability

  • Property damage coverage for Airbnb listings

  • Higher satisfaction for your guests

  • Hotel quality bedding and bath linen sets

  • A professional photographer to take pictures

  • Fast and friendly team available for general maintenance and other inquiries


Frequently asked questions

What does air hostd do?

In short, we help property owners increase their income with short-term rental solutions, while reducing their workload at the same time. We manage the day-to-day operations of Airbnbs, including online listing, photography, pricing management, guest communication, cleaning, laundry, toiletries and check-in of guests.

Where does air hostd operate?

Currently we operate in Rhode Island.

If I don't have an Airbnb account, what should I do?

No problem, we will take care of everything for you.

I need to use the property myself – how do I temporarily block bookings?

The accessible dashboard allows you to block and unblock dates as you please! Alternatively, you can get in touch with your air hostd Account Manager and inform us about the dates you want to block in your calendar. Before you arrive, we will make sure that your property is clean and ready. Please note that when you check out there is a mandatory cleaning fee added to your account so we can prepare for your next guests.

Where will my listings be posted ?

We use the most established short-term rental platform: Airbnb. It is the most popular listing website, generating more bookings than all the others. We can also synchronize your calendar with sites like VRBO,, TripAdvisor and many other popular reservation channels.

How much could I earn?

It’s hard to say without knowing all the features of your home. But we can assure you our target is not just to take away the hassle of hosting, it's to help you earn more as well. We prepare your listings with care, and adjust your prices strategically. This means that the price of your apartment rental will be adapted according to different criteria (day of the week, occupancy of neighbouring properties, past prices, local events) with the aim of achieving the best price possible. You can also estimate your earnings by clicking the estimate earbutton above.

Who uses air hostd?

air hostd was built for people with property that's left unoccupied all or part of the year that do not have time to offer consistent world class service. Accomodations must be well-located and fulfill the requirements of a short-term rental by being in good condition, compliant with current regulations, and fully equipped and furnished.

How do you choose my potential guests?

We are extremely careful when selecting guests. On Airbnb, we check if your future guests have been well-reviewed. Each guest is required to deposit a down payment for their stay and agree to our strict house rules and penalties. In the rare occasion an unruly guest slips through, we have sytems in place for removal.

Who takes the photos for my property listings?

We use professional photographers to ensure the photos are the highest possible quality. This makes for a more attractive listing and a higher occupancy rate.

How do you decide my property rental fee?

Your property rental fee depends on its size, location, and availability. With our expertise and experience, we aim to determine the right price based on your local market.

Who manages my reservations?

Managing reservations and requests for information can be a time-consuming and arduous task, but not for us. You can easily follow and manage your bookings with a simple phone app. And above all, we have a dedicated and efficient team available 24/7 to you and your guests.

Can I access my property when there is a guest there?

To ensure that your guests have a unique and unforgettable stay, you should not enter your property without first providing advance notice to your guests. You can block any dates you want access your home on your calendar via the Properties tab in the air hostd app.

What happens when guests cancel their reservation?

The reimbursement amount granted to guests who cancel their reservation varies according to the cancellation policy chosen. We adjust your rental rates according to the season, occupancy rates and local events, and do our utmost to offer you the best cancellation policy for your needs.

What are the risks involved in a short-term rental?

As there is a relatively high turnover in tenants, furnishings and equipment are obviously subject to greater wear and tear. Tourists or visitors who are just passing through tend to be less attentive to personal property than tenants who rent on a yearly basis. Vacation rentals require a higher level of personal property maintenance, which can lead to some additional costs.

How does air hostd minimize risks?

We minimize risks by carefully screening all guests. Our house cleaning staff, who come by after your guests leave, inform us of any anomalies in your home so we can step in without delay if there is the need to collect against their deposit.

Who takes care of welcoming guests?

We do. Most owners opt in for simple self-check-in with today’s climate for social distanci but for in-person check-in our Welcomers provide them with all the information they may need.

What is included in the cleaning service?

We take the quality of our house cleaning services very seriously. They are handled by a local profselected with care. The cleaning staff are all professionals with very good reviews; their services include an in-depth cleaning of the apartment and providing good quality sheets, towels, vanity kits, and coffee.

What is the claim compensation process?

Airbnb has a well-established dispute settlement procedure. It gathers the evidence that could be useful as quickly as possible: photos, bills, police reports and other documents attesting to the property, damages incurred and the fair market value of the damaged goods. As soon as Airbnb has gathered sufficient information from the two parties, it reviews all documents and assesses the compensation claims. We do our utmost to gather evidence within the very short timelines provided, but Airbnb remains the sole judge, and air hostd cannot be held responsible for any decision not in your favor.

How do I cancel working with air hostd?

Simple. Just inform us at least 30 days before the day you wish to terminate your contract and we will simply hand over your listing back to you. Please note you must honor all upcoming bookings regardless of the cancellation period, or pay the cancellation fees per booking if you need to cancel them.

Do I have to pay a set-up or onboarding fee to get started?

No. Like some competitors , we do not charge any upfront fee to get started.

airhostd referral program

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