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  • Scott Blackledge

Hi there 👋🏻,

we have not met yet but my name is Scott Blackledge and I am the owner of air hostd & an Airbnb Ambassador. My role as an ambassador is to be a reliable resource even if you decide to not move forward with us as your Airbnb management team.

Click here to connect with me directly on Airbnb.

Thank you for considering air hostd for the opportunity to host your guests. I started air hostd with a simple goal in mind: make airbnb management effortless, affordable, and effective for those that do not have the time to host. When done right, listing on Airbnb can have a huge impact on your on your rental income. There is nothing more satisfying than having our clients telling me how our Airbnb Management system has simplified their life, satisfied their guests, and increased their rental income.

Trust me when I say I know how overwhelming it can be to take the first step of reaching out to an Airbnb Management company. Who can you trust? And are they going to do a better job than me? These are often the first thoughts that come to mind. My hope is that our team can make things as simple and smooth as possible for you and that we're able to achieve your goals together as a team.

There is nothing we cannot accomplish together, and it is our goal to make sure that you and your guests are 100% satisfied above all else.

Feedback is extremely important to us, and it is my promise that you will be heard. Positive or negative, you can reach me anytime at Thank you again for considering air hostd, and best of luck in your Airbnb hosting journey.

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