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See if your property qualifies for our Airbnb Vacation Rental Management program 


Listing your vacation rentals on Airbnb is a big commitment. Managing them full-time on a commercial level is a whole other game. You need an expert partner to take that journey with you to ensure everything is done right the first time and every time. 

air hostd is Rhode Island's leading Airbnb Management company with over 30,000 guests hostd since 2016. We manage high demand listings from Providence to Newport and beyond with one thing in mind, 5-star Guest satisfaction. 


NOTE* Not every property will qualify for our Hosting Program as we may not yet service your area or for other various reasons.  

Listed below are some common reasons a property may not qualify 

  • Local zoning ordinances 

  • Safety or cleanliness concerns

  • Low demand area

  • Owner occupied single family homes

  • Shared spaces (entire homes only)

  • Existing Airbnb listings w/ bad reviews

  • No renters (must own the property)

  • HOA restrictions

  • Mobile homes and other non-dwellings

Don't want to wait? Call us at (844) 300-6400

Thanks! A City Manager will be in touch shortly!

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